• Drill Machines from Ditch Witch:

  • Janco has 5 Ditch Witch JT100 units ranging in age from:
    1. 2008 Model
    3. 2010 Model
    5. 2011 Model
    7. 2012 Model
    9. 2013 Model

    JT100 Model 2013

    JT100 Model 2012

    JT100 machines in Storage

  • Drill Machines from American Auger:

  • Janco has several units from American Auger such as:

    Amerian Augers DD220C, Factory Modified to 360,000lb. thrust/Pullback

    2010 Model DD440T American Augers Drill Units

    2012 Model RS1100 Processor Operated Machine.
  • American Auger DD220/Modified model:

  • This unit has been factory modified to now produce 360,000 lbs of push/pull force and 52,000 lbs of rotary torque.
  • American Auger DD440:

  • We have two of these units. Each is capable of producing 440,000 lbs.of push/pull force and 72,000 lbs. of rotary torque.
  • American Augers DD 1100RS:

  • We purchased this unit new in October of 2012. It is capable of producing 1.1 million lbs. of push/pull force; and 105,000 lbs. of rotary torque. It features a completely processor driven operating system that provides for efficient use of this machine. It is powered by twin caterpillar C-18 tier 3 engines that produce 1,530 horsepower and are enclosed in a sound attenuated package.

    The processor system is capable of being linked directly to American Augers Factory Computers and Technicians from any location that has mi-fi or wi-fi broadband services. They can remotely troubleshoot processor issues, and install any software updates or repairs very quickly. We have used this feature twice over the last 18 months; and it has proven to very effective and cost efficient. We will definitely put it on our next 1100RS later this year. We run 5 and 1/2 F.H.D.S. .500W.T. drill pipe on all of the American Augers Units.

    • RS1100 PowerPak (1530 Horsepower, 750 GPM) and Driller Shack

  • Mud Units:

  • Janco is very proud of our mud treatment and handling systems. We are very aware of the sensitive environmental areas we are frequently called on to work in. Janco is constantly striving to use the new technologies that are evolving with the design intended to provide maximum protection for the environment at all levels.

    We continue to invest heavily in environmental technology and procedures; and always strive to be at the forefront of environmental responsibility. You will see from the list below, that Janco is totally committed to utilizing the latest in renovation in mud handling equipment and procedures.
    1. One 2014 model Kem Tron Tango 1500 Mud System. This new unit boasts the Hyper and Shaker systems that provide the most efficient shaker systems on the market today. These systems are isomounted and provide for very quiet operation, as well as dynamic cleaning capacity.
    3. One 2012 model Kem Tron Tango 1000 Mud System. Same basic design as the Tango 1500 Unit, but it only holds 7,500 gallons and cleans 1,000 G.P.M. instead of holding 10,000 gallons and cleaning 1,500 G.P.M. likes its big brother does.
    5. One 2012 model Tulsa Rig Iron 750 Mud Unit.
    7. Three 2012 model of Kem Tron Tango 500 Mud Systems.
    9. One 2006 model Tri-Flo 3,500 Mud System.
    11. One 2008 model American Augers MP 6000 Mud System.
    13. One 2014 model Kem Tron 19-69 Center Fuse System.
    15. Three 2008, 2010, and 2012 Tulsa Rig Iron TT 660 Mud Pumps.
    17. Two 2008 and 2010 model Kerr 500 GPM Mud Pumps.

    TT660 2013

    Kentron Tango Model 2011

    Kentron Tango Model 2013

  • Ten Generators 3-Phase 480 ranging from:
    • One Generator 2013 model 300KW
    • Two Generator 2012 model 250KW
    • Three Generator 2012 model 100KW

    Tulsa Rig Model 2012
    • One Generator 2008 model 150KW
    • One Generator 2008 model 100KW

    Supply Trailer
  • Four Trackhoes Equipped to handle rods:

    1. 2-Cat 324E 2010 Model

      Cat 1-336E 2012 Model
    2. One Cat 336E    2012 model with Deckhand Pipe Loader
    4. Two Cat 324E    2008 models with Pipe Grappels
    6. One Cat 320C    2004 model with Pipe Grapples
  • Five Extendable Reach Forklifts models 2008 to 2010 ranging from 6,000 to 9,000 lb. lift capacities with equipment Dollys and Stingers.

  • Fork Lift TH350B

  • Three Super-Hauler Tractor/Trailer Rigs:
  • Models 2002, 2010 and 2012.

    Fast Line Trailer

    Kenworth Heavy Haul Model 2011

    Freightliner Heavy Haul Model 2012

    Super Hauler

  • Twelve Vac Truck Units:
  • Those have capacity from 130lbs. to 150 lbs. each.

    Twelve 2008 to 2013 Model Vac Trailer

    Janco Vac Trucks Ready for Duty

    Ditch Witch FX30 Vacuvator

    Welding Truck

    Barrell Reamers and Anchor assemblies
  • Four Winch and Haul Trucks:
  • Barrel Reamers & Anchor Plates for DD220 & DD440s

    Various Reamers and Hole Openers

  • Twenty Nine 48x102 Drop Deck and float Style Trailers.

  • Fifty Six Company Trucks:
  • Models 2008 through 2014 model trucks

  • Twelve 30' to 40' Goose Neck Trailers.

  • Fourteen Gooseneck Trailers

    2013 LaValley Industries Deck Hand
  • Survey and Steering Equipment:

  • Currently owns and operates the most powerful GPS system available to date. The Trimble R8 GNSS System is a multi-frequency GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, antenna and data-link radio combined in one compact unit. The Trimble R8 combines advanced receiver technology and a proven system design. In addition, we operate high end dual-axis compensated Nikon total stations, along with the latest field software to ensure maximum accuracy and productivity.

    Paratracker Vector Magnetics


    Micro Tesla

  • Shop:
    • 6,400 square feet welding and fab shop, equipped with a C&C 12inch bored lathe, milling machine that has a 15 ton full travel overhead crain.
    • 24,200 square feet repair and maintenance shops equipped with 2-10 ton full travel crains and drive over oil bay.

    120 Acres of Available Yard Space

    Maintenance and Storage Building

    Janco Dolly Style Pipe Carrier

    Maintenance and Welding Shops

    40,000 of Drill Pipe and Five monelle Collars

    300 Plus Rollers and Multiple Craddles

    Support Equipment

    Clay Reamers

    24 Foot long Workboat